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SideNav that opens/closes full-length sideBlock (subNav)


I’ve been tasked with recreating the navigation system of

I am on the fence of tackling this with a vertical TAB system or by using vertical image buttons that open/close a full-length sideBlock (subNav).

How might YOU approach this?

NOTE: Notice how the icon/button CHANGES to the [X] icon and is staged to trigger the reset/hiding of the sideBlock (subNav).

Thanks a bunch everyone!


Hi there,

I’m replying on a mobile and haven’t had a chance to look at the site on a desktop so this may not be helpful but I thought I’d point you to which may help, it is avaliable to clone here:

Let me know if this is what you were looking for,


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Arthur this is awesome! Seriously.

Thank you.

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Here’s my version of Arthur’s navigation:

The HOME button is close to being realized but I’m having a horrible time trying to get HOVERS to work. On mouse-over for either the HOUSE or the X icon, I’d like some sort of mouse-over indicator.

I’ve tried adding additional graphical DIVs but regardless of how I try to add INTERACTION or which DIV I add them to, it breaks this affect.

Any ideas of how to get a visual mouse-over indicator?


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