Sidebar displaying differently on different pages?

I have the same sidebar on all of the pages of this site - on the main page, looks great, and then on select pages of my portfolio, some of them it squishes down so the text is overlapping and everything is smaller. The pages are all copies of each other so I’m confused as to why the sidebar, which I created as a component, would act so differently.

link here: Webflow - Paige C. Kelly - Graphic Designer

that UX/UI Websites pages looks and acts fine, and then the Print Design page and a few others are doing the weird messed up thing. any thoughts? Thank you!

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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any thoughts? this is the only page (besides the homepage) that doesn’t weirdly squish the sidebar when the desktop version is at full width: UX/UI Websites
The rest, like Print Design are doing weird things with the left column…