Side to wide - where is the wrong number?

Hi there,

I am having trouble that my side is to wide (I can scroll to the right). I only want it to take up the screen-size avalaible, with no scroll.

I suspect it i related to the units I am using, but I cannot find the “wrong unit”…

Can you help? Happens on many sites - among this:

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Under Åben Himmel
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God morgen Maja,

The main problem is likely the max-width setting on your nav’s container.
By itself that’s fine, but browsers often have problems when a max-width element contains flex elements inside of it.

The general reasoning is that when you are using width, max-width, min-width, you are specifying sizes in a block-formatting context. Flex boxes have a different method of size calculation which is referred to as a flex-formatting context.

They don’t always play nice together.