Side Scroll Template: How to edit content?

Silly issue here. I just purchased a side scroll template and iʻm having a hard time knowing how to view/edit the content thatʻs past the first section. I can select the section thru the sidebar but that doesnʻt let me see it.

How can I view and edit that content?


Here is my public share link: Webflow - KMS

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For those who might have this issue, I found how to edit the content. Just click the Side Scroll Track element in the side bar and then change the overflow to visible.

Hi Kim. When dealing with content that’s difficult to reach for editing, you can turn the content or parts of it into Symbols. Then create a hidden/non listed page where you’ll lay out all the content symbols, and from there it will be very easy to edit. You can also gather in that page symbols that are used on many other pages so that you can edit all their content in one place.