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Side navigation cutting off rest of page

I’ve set up a side navigation bar on a few of my pages (portfolio case studies,) with links to different sections of the page. The side nav appears once the user scrolls down past the banner at the top of the page. However, with some desktop screen sizes, I’m noticing that the side navigation bar cuts off parts of the webpage.

Here is a read-only link to my site. Screenshots attached.

Any support or tips on this issue would be greatly appreciated!


Hey, I looked at your site on my machine and everything looks great! Are you still having issues?

Thanks for looking at my site @garymichael1313 ! I am still having issues, particularly when the browser screen is not full width. After a certain screen size, the side nav goes away altogether, which is fine. It’s just the in-between where the width of other elements on the page don’t seem to respond to make room for the side nav.


Are you using PX sizing? Use % percentages for the sidebar and it should be fine. Again, which page can I look at to see the issue?

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