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Side nav for slider

Hi there,

I’m currently working on a site with a slider as the lead section, but there’s one bit I’m stuck completely on.

I need to style the slider navigation links and align them to the right of the screen, is this possible within webflow or would it require custom code? I’ve attached and example of what it needs to look like.

Thanks in advance!


Here is my public share link:
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Hi Jamie,

Before I begin, may I just say, that website looks utterly fantastic!

Anyway, onto your issue, I’ve had a little play around and think I’ve got a solution for you.

All I did was select the ‘Slide Nav’ element and adjusted the alignment to ‘Absolute’, left, 95%. This works either as left 95% or right -95% and of course you can move this up or down to suit your desired effect. 90% looks good too and seems to work across all device sizes without any fettling of individual sizings.

Hope that helps


Hi Jon, thanks for your help! this is a collaboration project between us and a great designer, we’re just taking what he has designed and turning it into a functioning site, but I’ll let him now that you like the site!:grin:

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