Side menu and advanced slider animations

Hello guys!

I’m looking for ways to implement two of the animation that i can find in the following website in webflow to practice my mastery of Webflow, but I really can’t figure it out:

1st would be the slider on the top right; I managed to move the images but cannot change move the front image to the background once it’s moved, destroying the whole goal of the animation

2nd would be the filtering section: when clicking on “more filters” it seems that a whole different page appear with the advanced filtering sliding to the left. Any clues on where to start to replicate this effect?

3rd one might be a silly question, but the sticky box on the bottom right of the site is developping up on hover, which animation would that correspond to?

Apologies if this post doesn’t fit in the forum, I never really took part in it and it’s a first for me!