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Side bar Navigation with Vertical Text Links


I would like to add a sidebar navigation with vertical text links and a tray that opens out when the hamburger is selected. Please take a look at this link, it is exactly what I would like to achieve.

The key component is the vertical text and sidebar, the tray would be nice too though

Any help would be great. From what I can see the ‘Transform’ panel is how to rotate the text with the Z-index. However, this is not appearing on the latest version of Webflow as far as I can see,


I guess for the tray you could create the div block on the side and then with the interactions hide some part of it (with the move action), set the hidden state as initial one and on hover display the whole part.

As for the text, I am not sure whether this is what you are talking about. I can find this option in Effects > 2D&3D transforms > Rotate