Sicky element in column not working at 1280px+ breakpoints

Hi all - Looking for some help with a Sticky element that’s not behaving as expected on certain breakpoints.

Read-only link: Webflow - Mondo

In the section that reads The Champagne of Bug Spray, the sticky image component in the right column “sticks” as expected at the Desktop Base Breakpoint. However, at bigger breakpoints (1280px and up) it’s not working.

Any ideas?

Appreciate your help!


Hello @Clint_Ross, welcome to the community! So the issue with your section not being sticky on breakpoints higher than 1279 is because you have that section on that breakpoint set to overflow hidden. Sticky position does now work with overflow hidden.

An easy fix is to just set it back to overflow visible, like it is on the base breakpoint of 1279, or if you need to hide the overflow on higher breakpoints, you can use overflow clip
Screen Shot 2024-06-24 at 7.45.19 PM
I hope this helps!

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That did the trick! Thank you very much @Pablo_Cortes :raised_hands:

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