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Showing posts related to a currently displayed post?

So lets say I have a CMS that is filled with posts about either cars or bikes. Is there a way so that if a car post is clicked then more relating posts about cars can be show? I know I can have a page with a collection list that has a pre-set filter, but I’m looking for a way to have it ‘dynamically’ change based on the currently displayed post. I attached a crude example


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Hey @Kameron2332 you could create a « tag collection » here for example with item car and bikes. Then on your all post collection, add a single reference to the collection tag.
When creating a new post, you tag your post and select « car » through the single reference field.
Then on designer, in the collection page you just add a new dynamic post collection at the end of your content.
Filter -> tag = current tag

Hope this helps,