Showing extra information on hover like Notion

Hi team,

I’m looking to recreate the on hover pop up effect that Notion have on their pricing page: Notion Pricing Plans (scroll down to the tables and hover over the feature names on the left hand side).

I understand how to make an element appear (unhide an element) on hover. And I’ve seen some people discuss having an element follow the cursor on hover. But any ideas for how to do both?

My pricing page that I want to add this effect to is here: Briefly Pricing Plans 🗺

Would love to hear from you Webflow pros- any and all help appreciated.



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Hey @gabrielsayers

I know you might have already seen this, but this cloneable seems to do a version of what you are looking for. You can see how they do it in the preview. Instead of an element trigger, it looks like it uses a page trigger to have the image follow the cursor and then an element trigger (on the “Tool Row” element) that displays the image on hover.

I think if you make whatever you’re trying to display an image (and not a text element) with the opacity, size, etc. that you want and save it as a part of a CMS collection (the same process that was done there) it should make it easier.

Let me know if this was helpful!

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Thanks Robert - will take a proper look at this this week.