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Showcase don't work at the moment

Why can’t you search for some Showcase in the webflow Showcases?
I’ve been here:
and when I search for something, does this come up?
Screen Shot 2021-05-17 at 11.39.29 PM
I have been trying now for half an hours. It don’t work?

Hey @neanea6060,

I am getting the same issue on that site. It appears to be an issue with some custom code on the project.

Also, that is not the official Webflow Showcase website, but rather a project made by someone else.

The official Webflow Showcase can be found here: Popular Websites | Webflow

Yes I know I can come in that way too. But I can’t search in this show case site Popular Websites | Webflow
I want to search for buttoms, - and some slides. But I can’t search. So it takes a month to come through every case only to search for some slide or bottoms

Understood. I do agree a nice search feature would be great for the Webflow Showcase.

I would recommend maybe for that specific site reaching out to one of the people listed at the bottom of the site, as they will need to make some configuration changes to make things work.

So I shall write to them??
It must be Webflow which have to do such a search buttom, so it is easier for us user. Or?