Show relevant cms data to verified clients

Hi Webflow Community!
I am building a real estate website in webflow.

I have to add a functionality which is:
→ User enters registration number
→ If user gets verified then show relevant plot/land data to him from cms

Screenshot 2022-06-23 160039

I want to know that how i can do this in webflow and speccifically how it is possible to show only relevant data to user based on a verification process.
Really need help with this.

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Webflow is coming out with a new Memberships feature soon, so you could wait for that. You could also signup and use Memberstack right now. The latter is not a “verification code” system but instead a user auth system. That said you can easily add a required “verification code”.

If that doesn’t work for you can do the manual approach:

  1. Create a native Webflow form w/a verification code field only
  2. When the user enters their code and submits the form, you capture that form submit within a glue service like Integromat/Make.
  3. The glue service has a “lookup table” that takes what the user entered and checks for it.
  4. If there is no match redirect the user to a failed page.
  5. If there is a match, create a new Webflow CMS entry (this gives you a hard to guess, unique url specifically for them).
  6. Redirect the user to that unique url back on Webflow.

The solution mentioned by @ChrisDrit would be perfect for what you’ve described!

Is this something that your users will perform only once, or multiple times?

If there are ongoing features needed, Memberstack would be a great solution - just let me know what users need to be able to do, and I can detail how to set it up! :slight_smile: