Show related post in CMS page

I want to show related post to each collection page. I watched many videos on Youtube but can’t find one. Please Help!

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Use the nested collection.

Create a new collection based on related book or category. And add reference field on each book collection

@ABDUR_RAHMAN Can you please make a video for me please? It seem complicated? I have Books and Light Novels, should I create two categories?

I’m sorry I cant make you a video. Because I cant edit your CMS

All you have to do is create a new collection related to the topic that you want.

For example, you already have 2 collection with a lot of items. Lets said there’s some category in each item. Just create a new collection (named “Category”, example). Add and Name each item inside “Category” collection based on the category, such as horror, thriller, etc.

Once you’ve done make the “Category” collection. Back to your book collection, and set up reference for each item to the “Category Item”

Hope it will be helpful

Ohh,Sorry I understand, so you can’t create a video. Let me do it and if I’m stuck I will ask you again.

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I’m done create genre and set each to book to the genre. But when I created related book at the bottom of collection page, I’m stuck here! Please help!

Have you solved the problem? Because I’ve seen that each book has its own related books
Or you still confusing?

Ok, everything is fine now! Thanks you so much for your time