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Show on hover for loads of glyphs

Hi guys,

I’m kinda stuck on this one. I want to show a larger preview of the glyphs (further down the page and after the slide show), but I’m not sure how. I know you can show and hide elements and use the Webflow interactions/animations to do this, but when you have rows it becomes difficult. I also want the larger glyph to follow the x and y when the user goes over the smaller thumbnail. Any ideas on how I should tackle this?

Thanks guys!

Here is my public share link

If I understand correctly, I think you will want to use a section for each smaller glyph. So when I click on a small glyph, the page slides to that section. Just need to remember to give it a proper name to reference on the click.

No, sorry. I wasn’t clear. I was on about the little squares further down the page after the slideshow. I want them to show a large preview like so.

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