Show Navbar on scroll

How do you make a transparent navbar visible when scrolling?
Help me I am new to Weflow. I start creating a website scrolling test and now I want help regarding the navbar. Are there any classes used to help me.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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hi @romeo44 you are on wrong forum. This forum is dedicated to Webflow if you need some help for “Weebly” you have to look somewhere else.

sorry, by mistake I write weebly. I need help in webflow.

hi @romeo44 there is website Webflow University where you can learn how to work on this platform. You can use search field narrow down what you are looking for.

You can also search this forum before make a request as this topic is here covered in several requests as eg. here. Feel free also use your favourite browser to search some WF tutorials “how to” on net as WU is not only one source of useful informations.

Ok thank you for information.

hi @romeo44 here is another link you may read/watch

If you don’t have further questions related to this topic feel free to close your request by checking any response as solution