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I’m designing a blog and I’d like that the last 2 posts would be presented with a different design, ie, the last 2 posts are in a section, and the remaining posts are in another section.

I don’t want to use “featured”, I’d really like that it was the last 2 posts.

How can I achieve it?


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No way (yet) to create two diff layouts for collection list (To bind CSS width and ideas like this).

Anyway its really easy to solve this in your case:

Create two collection lists (of blog for example). Sort by date (One page two collections).

Collection 1 (blog) show - last post


Collection 2 (blog) start at 2 limit to 1


Create any styles you want for 1 and 2. Finish

Last 2 posts in seperate section:

Same idea - use this setting:



Thank you very much @Siton_Systems.

And do you think that this can be applied after converting to wordpress (with udesly)?


Sorry, I don’t work with udesly. Try her:

(-or- create seperate topic about “limit & udesly”):

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