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Show if CMS item has been viewed on website

Hey everyone! I have a project I’m working on which will have different “guides” on it. I would like to make it possible to make it so the members know which guides they have completed. Is there some way to have a button in a CMS page that affects what the CMS item looks like on other pages? Like how on some websites if you look at an image, it grays out on all other pages, or like on google, when you click on a link and then go back, it shows up as a different hue?

Here is my site Read-Only: Webflow - Maxwell Mandell

@Maxwell_Mandell that should be doable.

You’ll need to capture that button click within Integromat (or Zapier) and have it update the Webflow CMS for you.

So you could have a CMS field (just as an example) be “guide_1_completed” and have Integromat add “yes” as the value once they click that button. Then you can use conditional visibility on a CMS page to check for that value equaling “yes”.

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