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Show + Hide - return to specific point on page

Hi there,

I have 2 show / hide elements on the website I am designing.

One is a Menu of Services. At the bottom of the menu (after it has been shown) I have a ‘CLOSE MENU’ link. Once this link is clicked I would like the page to return to a particular point on the page ie. to show the SERVICE section, rather than just hide the menu element and be left in some random area of the website.

Hoping someone can help me with this!
Thanks in advance

Your CLOSE MENU element is already a link. Make it link to the section you want and it will make the page focus on said section ID while the interaction is played.

However, if I can, your show/hide menu is huge. It takes up all my 27" screen. It’s maybe not a great experience for ppl on laptops or smaller devices, it would be a great idea to test this behavior. One way or another users are going to be required to scroll, and once they click on close, even if you focus them to the right spot, it may be too big of a vertical translation.

Otherwise very nice site :slight_smile: