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Show/Hide Navbar on Scroll does not work with multiple triggers

Hey webflow community,

I left an easy to understand description inside the share-link:

  • The Navbar should initially be hidden (moved out of viewport), which works, but on first scroll-movement it shortly shows and then hides again

  • “Show” only works the first time, after hiding it never shows up again

  • On some sections/elements the Navbar should show or hide. Only one of the “hide”-elements works

I hope someone has a clever idea what’s going wrong… I can’t find a solution :confused:


Hi @deinBaum,

Did you get this issue squared away? Just checking to see if you needed help?

Hi gary.

Thanks for asking. Unfortunately I couldn’t figure anything out, so I’m not using this mechanic at the moment…

Okay holler if you need help on anything else.