Show hide interaction happens synchronisely with other element

Hi everyone,

I have an issue with a show/hide interaction in my FAQ section. I have a show text and hide text interaction in place and another interaction that shows and hides either a plus or minus sign. I want to have the plus sign turn into a minus sign when clicked in the FAQ section. It all works fine, but when clicking one plus icon also the other icons of the other FAQs change into a minus, even though they don’t extend the text. I can’t figure out how to turn this off. I just want the icon clicked to trigger an interaction. They must somehow be grouped, but I’m not sure how.

Here is the link to the page. Would be great if someone knew a way out of this. Thanks!

Hi @MichaelLausberg ,

The reason is in the Maximize & Minimize animations,
under the class it affects, the property is “All elements with this class”.
it should be “only children with this class” that way it will only affect them.

Thanks Shay,
that makes sense! I sorted it out.