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I’m trying to show/hide a div that contans a paragraph and a bunch of lightbox thumbs. I followed the Interactions video and everything seems to be working fine except for the fact that the content doesn’t show up when it’s expanded. It’s there because I can click the thumbs and they trigger the lightbox, and I can select the text. But everything is just white.

Check it out here:

When you click “read more” you’ll see the div expand and yet the content doesn’t show.

It’s obvious that I’m missing something so here I am, at your mercy :smile:


Hey @saturnian can you please post your read-only link so that we can further assist you?

Thank you,

Waldo :smile:

Hey Waldo,

Thanks for the reply. Here’s the share link:

THe issue is on the “Media Center” page, unde the "News tab, first “article”, the read more button.


Hey @saturnian

If you set your Post Div 1 class to have Overflow of Hidden, this will help greatly. :smile:

Then change it’s initial appearance interaction to have a height of 0px.

Then on the interaction on the Read more button first step, remove any timing (currently at 500ms on height & opacity)

On the second step of the interaction set the opacity to 100% as well. :smile:

This should take care of everything for you. :slight_smile: I recommend having the text at 100% opacity at all times, and just hiding it within the container (overflow: hidden takes care of that for us).

Thank you! Let me know if you have any questions.

Waldo :smile:

That took care of everything!

Thanks a million Waldo, one of the reasons I love Webflow is this community. Awesome!

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My pleasure :slight_smile: Always happy to help! Happy Webflow-ing :slight_smile: glad that you are here and keep up the great work!


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