Show Finsweet Cookie Banner even if Do Not Track is enabled

I would like to use finsweets cookie consent plugin.

However I would like the banner to also show up even if Do Not Track is enabled, so users are able to active cookies if they need to view certain things on the website.

Depending on which version I download I can see this line and have tried to modify it, however this version of the script does not work at all, even without changes.

The script I have used is this one:

If I view it in the browser, I can see more lines than when downloading the file?!

Here are the code examples:

 init() {
                let e = /bot|crawler|spider|crawling/i.test(navigator.userAgent),
                    t = navigator.doNotTrack || window.doNotTrack;
                e || !(t ? t !== "yes" && t !== "1" : !0) || ( ? :, this.listenEvents());

The modified version looks like this:

init() {
    let e = /bot|crawler|spider|crawling/i.test(navigator.userAgent);
    if (!e) { ? :;