Show data from a multi-reference field in a dynamic list

If you are using a Dynamic List Wrapper outside of a Collection Template page, it will display the other collection fields, but not the multi-item reference.

Unfortunately this is a strange and severe limitation. My usecase is that i have a list of items with tags which could be filtered by them by a script. So i have to output tags next to every item in the list, but this cannot be done. So with this limitation any sorting/filtering scripts are impossible.

Hey guys, as long you don’t need cross-referencing, one thing you could try is to use three different single categories fields (you can only add three reference fields to your collection) and have them reference your category-collection. Kind of like this:

‘categories 1’
‘categories 2’
‘categories 3’

Then you pull them above into your dynamic list individually to three individual links.

Drawbacks are:

  • you are limited to display three categories
  • thereby you have also exhausted the number of possible reference list items you can feature in that collection.
    -> very limited cross-referencing with another collection (but you could still have two category items and one for author…)

On the positive side, if you maximally need to display three categories per post, as I do, this works like a charm :muscle:

Here, have a look:

Let me know if this helped.

In the meantime, @PixelGeek, I second the above motions for having dynamic lists display multi-item references outside of collection templates, too. That would be neat!

Lastly, - just to end on a positive note, - this forum has got some really awesome features. Especially displaying a ‘similar to your post’ list while writing is pretty damn sweet. Keep it up!

@x10 Ok, I misunderstood and the link took me to that page. For the moment the only way I’ve seen to do what you want is as others have suggested re assigning up to 3 different categories. I’d like the functionality with multi-reference categories you’re looking for too…



Check out my fun work around… Boohoo.

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+1 for multi reference fields in dynamic lists please.

I’ve just started my first build using the webflow CMS – so far it’s been great but this is the first wall I’ve hit.

This seemed so obvious that I assumed was doing it wrong for some time. I’m sure there must be considerable technical reasons why webflow guys haven’t implemented this (?) as I think from a user’s point of view, the natural assumption is that it should work like a single reference field does, only give me access to the multiple references.


Please give us multi-reference fields in a dynamic list.

I am building a simple blog where we tag all our blog posts with multiple category tags (“Outdoors” and “Nature” could both be a tag for a single blog post), however I cannot display links to these categories on the individual blog pages due to the lack of multi-reference fields.

I might have to use the less than optimal workaround @CallMeChris described by creating multiple individual category references to get this to work.

Yeah this would be a great feature! It has my vote :slight_smile:

Bump. Please make this happen.


Hi @CallMeChris, simple noobie question: I also need multi-reference fields in a dynamic list – except that instead of a blog I want to attach a maximum of three, searchable, keywords to a business listing. For example, if a business listing (blog post) title is “Joe Blow Plumbing”, the “keywords” (blog categories) might be: “Plumbing”; “Water Heaters”; “Sewers”.
Using your workaround, can my three keywords be made searchable? If “yes”, will search give results containing ANY of the searched categories/keywords, even when Webflow’s dynamic list can (currently) only display one category?
(I want “Joe Blow Plumbing” to be a result when somebody searches for Plumbing…or WaterHeaters…or Sewers.)

Hey Jim,

Thanks for your questions. Though, if I understood you correctly, you won’t be able to to what you want.
The reason is that we webflow currently doesn’t have an either/or filter option for displaying collection items as you ( and I) actually want. As it is, the webflow filter will only display items in a collection if they all have the same references or none. :frowning:

So my ‘workaround’ above was a little premature. I didn’t realize this limitation by then and forgot to edit it (which I will do ASAP). Sry, if I mislead anyone here :grimacing:

I’m not saying there isn’t another way to make this work in webflow, but so far I’m unaware of it. So for myself I abandoned that idea, and stuck with a single topic category.

But if anyone has an idea, bring it forward!

PS.: Ah, can’t edit this anymore.

But this workaround turned out bogus. Because it depends on having either/or conditional visibility for the collection templates. Didn’t realize this back then and forgot to edit. Apologies if I led anyone down the wrong path here.

Hi @cyberdave, I´m a beginner here and i want to know if there is still no way to show multireference fields in some sort of list. I have a list of companies and each one have more than one category with a multi reference field named categories. In the Collection template Page I want to show the Categories related with this company but haven´t been able to do this.

This is the only thing that holds me to upgrade my account as a I don´t have programing skills and I´ve found Webflow the best site for me!!

Thanks !!!

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Hello @adrianrs19 Welcome to the community!

Can you please update your post with some more information so we can help you faster? Things like screenshots and your environment info really speed things up.

Posting guidelines can be found here: Posting Guidelines for the Design Help Category

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

Thanks @PixelGeek , I´ve allready found out what I was doing wrong. Regards!

Hi Adrianrs19, this is similar to what I am wanting to do. Are you able to share what you did?

Indeed. I too could use this feature as I have very complex sub sets of data that need to be broken down quite a bit more that into simple categories.

My original intuition, as stated here by others, was that by adding a multi reference and linking them to a selection from another collection that I could then access their individual fields. It does not make sense why you cannot do something that would be otherwise rather intuitive.

+1 to this feature, it’s absolutely necessary

Absolutely necessary is right! Otherwise how would you break down your data into manageable sets to avoid overly complex collections.

Webflow staff, can you help us understand what are multi-reference even for? In searching for help on my issue it seems this topic is a crucial feature that is lacking in setting up truly dynamic, data driven layouts.

+1 for this feature. Listings with sub categories are a must!