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Show current logged in users data

I want to create a service were user(a) and user(b) can register and log in, create as many listings as they want to. And then go to “My profile” -> “My listings” and then view their own created listings and only those listings based on the navigating to “My listings”. So user(a) will ONLY see user(a)'s listings and same for user(b)

This would be a filtering (action) and Webflow has some options and I’ve tried Jetboost and it does not seem like its for the case i’m explaining above. If anyone knows how to solve this in any way, it would be much appreciated. :slight_smile:

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By not using Webflow I can think of at least three solutions right now. You may wish to explore some NOCODE app builders which could support your requirements or leverage code and build it.

Cool! Would you mind share som keywords or no-code platforms that would be able to help me out here? :slight_smile: Thanks alot!

Umm… “nocode” “nocode builder” … Example ->

Well, I wanna do it using webflow, zapier(something similar) memberstack(something similar)