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[Show] Bolt - a super simple way to collect visual feedback

Hey everyone!

New Webflow build here :slight_smile:

I’ve recently wrapped up work on a product called Bolt. Bolt makes it super easy to collect visual feedback on live sites and static designs - it’s particularly useful for collecting feedback on Webflow staging links!

Often clients provide lengthy feedback docs or a lot of email back and forth. Bolt streamlines this process to keep all feedback in one place, and ensures that feedback is clear and organised.

The whole platform has been designed in Webflow. Backend pages were exported and coded into a fully functioning web app and the marketing pages (home, pricing, faq etc.) are all still hosted on Webflow. It works really well that way!

Take a look and share with your network :point_down:


Very nice site, kudos. Have a great launch for Bolt!

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Thanks @vincent! Lots of work put into this, glad to finally share :grinning:

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This is so sick, great job. Just signed up :rocket:

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Thanks @Lund_P, really appreciate that :+1: