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Show and tell - feedback appreciated


I would love some feedback:

Portfolio (it’s all I got at the moment until I get some client projects)

Any and all feedback is welcome… just as long as it’s not too harsh :wink:



@nathanphilsteele, great work! Nice imagery. I would say that you should probably give the large hero image a slight tint to darken it and make the white text pop. I only say this as the “Be Great” part is getting lost. In your screenshot, the G of Great is completely invisible due to the snow behind.
I would be careful about using too many different fonts and their legibility. The “Flowing the Globe via Media” is very hard to read.

My final comment would be that I would make each of the large text buttons one thing.
What I mean there is when you hover over Branding Development - each word is separate and they have hover interactions individual to themselves. It makes it seem like “Branding” is one thing and “Development” is another, yet they are going to the same link.

What I would expect as a user is that when I hover over either word, the whole “BRANDING DEVELOPMENT” goes blue.
In fact, perhaps it should be worded “BRANDING & DEVELOPMENT”?

Hope that makes sense?

Thank you @GourmetPixel!

  • Good call on the imagery/text

  • I’ve heard it be recommended to use 3 fonts…right now, it’s 5. Is that too much?

  • “Flowing the Globe via Media” is not actually meant to be read. I needed something for SEO since I made “FlowGlobe MEDIA” a graphic. I wasn’t a huge fan of the phrase, so I tried to “disguise” it hoping that people would not care that it was hard to read, as long as it looked pretty. I think I will have to get feedback from some folks to see if it there is a consensus on it being an annoyance.

  • I tried to do that when I first started making the site. I was not able to achieve it…thoughts on the technical aspect of making that happen?



My first thought would be to make a div with relative position, then within that div place your large text (in a div of it’s own) positioned absolute.
Then duplicate that div, give it an additional class combo (blue) and set him to display:none

Then have an interaction on hover to make your parent div scale or whatever, and to also make the blue div display and the darker colour text hide.
Or perhaps you could use opacity rather than the display method.

I expect there is a simpler way, but only have about 2 minutes to reply to this (busy working on a Saturday?? something wrong there…)

Thanks for taking the time. I hope you got to enjoy at least some of your weekend @GourmetPixel

  • That a lot of duplicate content and a lot of work just to make some text turn blue at the same time, surely there is a better way… thoughts @cyberdave?