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Show and hide on click in FAQ


I am a begginer so sorry in advance for probable easy topic :slight_smile:

I am trying to use “show and hide on click” feature with my FAQ list.
The idea is to have a list of questions with answers that will appear on click (one at a time).
The problem is that the interaction “show and hide” is assigned to the class of the object appearing.
Concidering that I have a bunch of answers I would like to use same class for them to be able to format them with one click.
Unfortunately this causes “show and hide” interaction to show and hide all of the answers with given class.

So the question is:
Is there anyway to make it work without having to make each seperate interaction for each answer and having problems with styling those answers (seperate class for each of them :() ?

Thank you in advance

Did you find the “limit to siblings” checkbox?

I made a screencast

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Oh, ok… kudos for being a beginner and not forgetting to apply the overflow:hidden :wink:

Thanks a lot Vincent. Firstly I thought I found the way but I did not.
I can see I made quite a mess with those classes. Thanks again for screencast. All clear for me thanks to you.

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Yep, the best practice is to build one item first, fully working, limiting the interaction to siblings or childs… when it’s working perfectly, copy and paste it to the infinite and beyond (: