Show all items in the page template dropdown

I don’t know what is wrong here. I have 35 items in Artist collection. but artist template page only show 25 of the top. The link to the collection will go to the top template page. Collection data still working. just no template pages.

@thesergie can anyone help me here?

We currently only show 25 items in that dropdown because it should be used for testing primarily. But we’ll be showing all the items soon. Thanks!

the problems is not just drop down. When I click to link that direct to that page. It wont show neither.

Are you trying to link to a specific dynamic page? Can you help me understand what you’re trying to do?

In the home page. There is Artist picture link to it related dynamic page. You click on it. It won’t show the artists related to.

if you click bill mack, it went to val warner…

Oh I see, so clicking on any of the items will always go to Val Warner page instead of the correct page.

How does it work on the published site? Wondering if it works correctly there. Also try to remove the link setting and add it back to see if that works.

Well. After publish it still not working. neither after remove link and add back

So I also tried in a new site yesterday. The result is. Dynamic page will not produce more than 25 items. The collection data will show what so ever. Just Dynamic template page not showing that,
I have to create multiple same collections to let it works. and that cost 2 more collection count of 10 for each page collection can use.

Wishing List:
Link break button for reference. Reference won’t be delete if there is connection made in the page. But sometimes you just cannot find the link to delete so I can replace the part i need to change

Costume Template for collection. or duplicate the collection.


Right now I am working on the events. because template cannot support more than 25 items. I have to separate Artists items to 3 different collections. And because events have to use artists and gallery data. Now I am out of the choice to add more collection in events collection…

Does anyone have similar problem and have a way to go around it?

Does this occurs to everyone or just me?

There are no collection item limits actually. The dropdown list for the dynamic page just shows the first 25 of the how-many-ever items you have.

ok. I found out the problem.

The editor wont show any page after the top 25 dynamic template pages. Even from preview mode. Or connect to the links. But after publish it. All the Dynamic page will appear…

Time to redo all collections…

There is a limit…

Take it back…Even unpublish wont do nothing to add more items…

Ok. If you publish the website under free hosting. that will be 100 item limit. But if you don’t publish it you cannot see if all your dynamic page. So you have to publish to see, the unpublish to edit…

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