Show a warning when opening a new tab (Accessibility)

Hi everyone.
II try to be as accessible as possible with my website and I would like to be 100% WCAG compliant (I’m 91%). The only thing left is this : Ensure links or controls that open new windows or frames do not open without a warning?

How can I achieve this with webflow ?

(Best practice description : Developers should avoid creating links or other controls opening new windows without either indicating that fact to users or allowing them to control the focus change. Exceptions are made if the new window comes in the form of a dialog, one that is either predictable by its context (such as a “Print this page” link that triggers the browser’s Print dialog), or is implemented in an accessible manner (such as a “Delete” image link that triggers a simple JavaScript alert with an “Are you sure you want to delete this?” prompt). )


This W3C page explains. Personally I’ve just set all external links back to _self. Job done!