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Show a specific CMS item from a session / local storage?

Hi everyone,

I’m creating a website where people can fill in a survey and get the result of their survey without having to register.

Here’s the detailed usecase :

  1. The visitor takes a survey on the website
  2. He press enter: the answers are stored into Airtable via Integromat, and also into CMS collections in Webflow. Everything is connected with the Webflow ID through Integromat.
  3. The visitor is redirected to the next front page where he has to validate the code received on his phone in order to view his result
  4. He press “View my result” and if the code is correct he’s redirected to the CMS collection page where his results are stored.
  5. If the wants, he creates his account to benefit the full service.

I have no clue on how to do 4. -> How can I match his info with the right collection item ?
The way I see it, I can do it both ways:
1_ Store somewhere the fact that he’s on the same session AND match with his survey in order to put the right URL of collection page when he validates his code -> How in the submit button can I enter specific parameters?
2_ The validation code he enters is directly matching the webflow ID result page in Airtable. So the trigger could be: on Webflow, if he enters the validation code 1234, it is showing the results A - easier to implement but it’s not the way it’s supposed to work

I was thinking of localStorage, sessionStorage or a cookie but I don’t know which would fit best nor how to implement it. I saw some other topics but it’s quite different as showing or not showing popup since here it’s pulling specific info from the session.

Any help would be loved— thank you!