Should we encourage businesses to have a blog page?

More often than not–much more often than not, when I access a website for a business and look their “blog” page, the most recent blog is old. Of course this doesn’t apply to newly made websites, but chances are their fate will be the same.

It seems that few keep up with their blog page. And from my perspective, it doesn’t look good for the business if their last blog post is over a year old. It give the impression that they abandoned their website.

I’m just wondering if anyone here has stopped encouraging this feature because of the above reasons.

The blog is a stretch for small operators. Obviously website content marketing is more important than ever. Just look at Webflow and other successful content creators massive efforts.

It seems for most SME’s it might be best to work at slowly building priority cornerstone content such as case studies, video pages and some education pages. The blog is very time specific. This other content is less so and can have long term traffic and engagement value.

If the client gets results from this initial content, the case for a serious blog effort may gets resources.

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