Should I invest in Webflow before taking a freelancing job?

So long story short, I’ve worked on building multiple websites in the past using traditional coding, and I’ve been considering going into freelancing; mainly Webflow on upwork and similiar platforms.

I’ve took a course from Udemy and learned a lot of Webflow work as well as webflow university. Though I’m kinda of limited at my practice due to the stupid 2 static pages per project rule for free accounts.

I’ve considered buying the core plane -yearly discount $19/month. And building some of the website I’ve made before but on webflow and using them as examples for my work on Upwork.

Do you think this is a good start? I’m quit hesitant at spending around 70k HUF and realize that I freelancing using Webflow is a bad idea, especially that I want to try and get jobs before May by the most.

I’m not looking into making big money, just enough to help me while I finish my master’s studies.

Any input is appreciated.

if anyone interested about the kind of websites I’m recreating in webflow:

Sorry nobody has replied to you for a few days. I’m not very active on this forum (except when I need something!), but happy to share my .02.

If you want to build sites in Webflow as an alternative income stream, you have to invest in it. That means paying for the accounts. And it will be plural after a while as you have to pay both for hosted websites and for the account itself in order to have projects to play around with, practice, learn, and test with. Thankfully, Webflow has probably the best learning resources I’ve seen. They’re amazing and they’re free.

Best of luck to you!

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I agree
Thank you clussman

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