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Should I delete pages that are unlinked on my site?


I have built a site that originated with a template. Should I delete the unlinked pages when I go to officially publish my site? What would be the reasoning to delete if so?

I intend to come back and do some continual upgrading to the site and may want to use some of the pages and interactions that are set up from the template, but that I am not currently using. So if it doesn’t hurt my site with relevance to google search, load times, etc. I would like to not have to delete them.

Any feedback would be great! Thanks for the help.

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Hi Kevan - I often don’t delete them as they may become useful when it comes time to add pages to the site.

Hey, I normally make a folder called “Assets” and put any unused pages in there, you never know when they’ll come in handy!

For the pages, you don´t use you should add this code to the header in custom code. Otherwise those unused pages will be indexed by google and other search engines.

`<meta name="robots" content="noindex, nofollow"/>`

Awesome! Thank you. That’s what I was hoping to avoid.

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