Should I add a site plan in order to get indexed?

Hi everyone, I am an inexpert Webflow user.
Can I add my site to Google’s index without adding a site plan?

I have tried many times to index pages created with the free plan, but have failed.

I got the error message as below:
“URL might be known from other sources that are currently not reported”
“Sorry–we couldn’t process this request because you’ve exceeded your daily quota. Please try submitting this again tomorrow.”

Please give me some advice. Thank you.

Hey Eighter,

I’m not quite sure where your indexing your site so that you get those messages.
To the best of my knowledge (which is very similar to yours, inexpert) SEO is all about the quality of content you are putting out there. Your site should be made for your customer base not to rank highly on google.
I found this site helpful

It seems to be a trial and error thing. You will not appear as number one on the search engines right away. However if you keep working at it I’m sure you will slowly move up the ranking :slight_smile:
Good Luck.

Thanks to @notmyrealname ,
The website you shared are really helpful for me.
I will try to approach the things mentioned in the article one by one.