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Shopping cart recommendations

Forgive me for asking a basic question here. I’m not even clost to the level of most of you on this forum.

My question is that I want to add just a handful of items to a Webflow site. The site doesn’t exist yet, so I’m just looking for advice. I’m not a coder although I understand html and css and love how Webflow works.

I would like the shopping cart to be inline (on the same page) with my Webflow page but if I have to settle for a buy button that links to a separate shopping cart, I’m okay with that. Right now I’m using which is a prehistoric shopping cart. It’s not bad but my cart abandonment rate is very high.

I’ve tried different shopping carts (Shopify, Volusion, Big Commerce, etc. ) on Weebly sites and they’re too limiting. I need to offer and clearly show bulk quantity discounts. E.g. 100 @ $10 each, 500 @ $9 each, 1000 @ $8 each, ad infinitum.

I’ve tried Ecwid (on a Weebly site), as suggested in another post, but it takes awhile to show up and I had customers tell me it never showed up in their browser.

I’ve never tried any open source carts like opencart, snipcart, etc. Are they super difficult to use? Any compatibility issues with me being on a Mac?

Any other suggestions?



I personally really like It’s very easy to use, they have an option where you can keep customers on your site, and it’s powerful.

Teresa :slightly_smiling:

Here’s Snipcart tutorial :slightly_smiling:



I looked at Foxycart and it looks pretty good. However, if one goes above 100 transactions a month, the price jumps from $25/month to $250/ month. That’s a lot for a shopping cart. You’d think that there would be some more levels that aren’t so expensive.

Am I missing something in their pricing?




I have an email into Snipcart and am waiting for an answer. Perhaps you know the answer.

As I mentioned in my post, I need to offer bulk quantity discounts. Can that be accomplished in Snipcart. I found all kinds of discount snippets but nothing for quantity discounts. Do you happen to know?


I’m sorry, I don’t know. I’m just browsing alternatives for a webflow e-commerce integration. I saw the Snipcart tutorial and thought I share it with you. Good luck :slight_smile:

For foxycart - that is just the first 100 transactions free.

So if you have 200 transactions the price is $30
For 300 transactions - $45
For 500 transactions - $75

I got this info using their valve calculator at

I know it’s a bit confusing. Hope this helps.



That is confusing. Thanks so much for doing that for me. At 15 cents/transaction, that’s not bad.


@PixelPanda thanks for helping clarify our pricing.

@alchait Sorry for any confusion there.

I just posted an intro and links to Webflow specific tutorials and a free Webflow ecommerce template here. Manage your products without having to leave Webflow. Pretty awesome!

I’m happy to answer any questions you may have, but please ask in the thread mentioned above so this one doesn’t get clogged with Foxy stuff. :slight_smile:

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