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Shopify store integration walk-through (full store, not Buy Button)


During a Designer News AMA event on January 13th, one of Webflow’s co-founders, Sergie Magdalin, announced that “We’re releasing a feature soon that will allow you to integrate your dynamic content with Shopify.”

I’m not sure how soon “soon” will be (can you give us a hint on the ETA please?) so I was wondering whether in the meantime you can create a tutorial on this subject… it would be really useful to have some kind of walk-through for us non-code wizards on either integration of a Shopify store into a Webflow site or vice-versa, i.e. integrating a Webflow site into a store built in Shopify.

Btw… forum member AlexN has done some sterling work on this focusing on Shopify Buy Button integration, and over and above this has been super-helpful. Great guy. However, what I’m talking about here is full store integration.



We can’t create a tutorial before a feature launch. Admins may have already created an official tutorial in the help portal but it won’t be shown until it’s time.

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Thanks for your reply, samliew

I wasn’t referring to a tutorial on the feature itself, but a walkthrough of a workaround while the feature is being readied for launch.

By saying full store integration, do you mean you want to create a Shopify theme from the exported files of your project? Because there is no native “full store” integration/workaround between Webflow and Shopify at the moment.

I meant either

(a) Integrating exported code from Webflow into a Shopify theme


(b) stripping down a Shopify-created site to just the store pages and seamlessly integrate it into a Webflow site (by tweaking DNS settings CNAME and A record?)

Okay, thanks for clarifying. Your post is more suited for the initial category then :slight_smile:

Thanks, samliew. Will you be moving it back there then? :slight_smile:

Already did, however, do note that there aren’t many Shopify developers who are already using webflow, and a tutorial may not appear. You are better off looking at Shopify’s manual instead.

Cheers, samliew, and thanks for the advice.

Could you give me a rough hint as to the new feature’s ETA?


This tutorial by @AlexN may help:

Hey PixelGeek. Thanks for this. I mentioned @AlexN’s work in the first post of this thread. I’m familiar with this tutorial and did actually implement that solution (getting excellent support from @AlexN along the way) – although it looks and works very well, unfortunately that Shopify Buy Button solution introduced a lag on initial page load which was not acceptable to my client.

What would be great for Webflow users such as myself who are not that savvy with coding would be to have a walkthrough covering either (a) integration of an entire Shopify store into Webflow or, vice-versa, (b) integration of an entire Webflow site into a Shopify template.

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@spincinconi This isn’t really addressing your Shopify question but you might look into I’m trying to get back around to working up a tutorial.

Hey @jdesign – thanks for the pointer… will definitely look into this!

I second this request. I love building my site in web flow but desperately need to know how to properly export and then import into shoplify so that it integrates properly with products.

The buy button isn’t a good solution because it requires still having a storefront set up on shopify, and when people google my site, it shows links to that storefront which obviously doesnt have the same design as my site.

Hey @samliew. Just checking back on the launch status of that Shopify integration feature announced in January by Sergie Magdalin. Do you have an approximate ETA as yet? Ta.

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I’m not Webflow staff. They will announce it when it’s launched.

Ah. Ok. Was under the impression you were. Thanks anyway.

@PixelGeek Is there an ETA on this? Its Oct 2016 now!