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Shopify site redirecting to specific Webflow pages for certain content - how?

Hi! We have a client site with 100’s of SKUs; we are going to need to use Shopify for easy inventory management. The current Shopify + Webflow integrations would require too much work for on-going management.

However, some pages like the landing page, about the company, and certain other specific pages need a very high degree of design aesthetic. We’d love to use Webflow for these specific pages. We’ve looked into converting the Webflow page into a Shopify page using a converter like

This isn’t ideal since making changes wouldn’t be rapid. Also, the client won’t be able to use the Webflow Editor either (nice upgrade).

So, our idea is to pay for and use Shopify AND Webflow. Webflow could be the main host, and then redirect to a Shop page that goes to a Shopify website (catalogue pages). This could also be handled the other way around -> primary on Shopify (including landing) and then redirect to Webflow for certain pages.

A few questions:

  • Has anyone done this? If so, any tips/tricks?
  • How will we mask the url domain name if we’re going to redirect using a link? So if I click on “About Us” on the Shopify page, it goes to the Webflow website URL. Easy to do this within Shopify, but how will I mask the webflow URL to simply be ? Shopify will be connected to GoDaddy for DNS management for
  • How will we manage the nameservers between Shopify and Webflow?
  • Are we overthinking this…?

Any help or advice would be appreciated! Thank you!

Hi @Mutant_X, tl:dr - as far as I know its not possible to ‘mask’ a URL and not possible to have in webflow and in shopify parallelly.

Ideally you would use subdomain for this. I.e to webflow and to shopify.

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Hi @Mutant_X

I happen to glance at your post and it sounded similar to a couple of experiences I’ve had.

If you have time tomorrow, I can offer helpful info that may assist in your decision. I’ll send a message with my email number :slightly_smiling_face:

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Got it - thank you @dennyhartanto! Will look into the subdomain option

Hello G.J. (Garymichael1313),

I have a similar situation I’d like to get some insight on regarding shopify+webflow/udesly. I was not able to send you a private message, can you please reach out so that I can also avoid a dead-end with the integration of shopify and webflow. Thank you.

I appreciate your time and look forward to your message.


Jaspreet Singh,
theSikhMD, INC

Hi, you can send a PM after ‘right-clicking’ my picture/name - open in a new tab. In top right corner, if logged in, you click “Message” button. Talk to ya then, I’ll have time to answer any question you need :slight_smile: