Shopify on subdomain of Webflow hosted domain

This is a Shopify-specific question, but I imagine it must be relevant to many people.

I am hoping to point my Shopify store to a subdomain of a Webflow-hosted site.

Webflow site:

However, when I researched how to do this, all resources are telling my to make changes in cPanel. I have the domain purchased through NameCheap and hosting through Webflow. Do I need to move hosting off of Webflow and onto NameCheap so that I can get cPanel access to make this possible?

Thank you!

This is a typical hosting scenario and handled easily with subdomains to your main zone. All you need to do is create the subdomain (CNAME) shop in your DNS pointing to Shopify and then configure Shopify to use See Connecting a third-party subdomain to Shopify · Shopify Help Center

Thank you, Jeff! This worked like a charm! is my Shopify subdomain, while www is all Webflow. Thank you!

Hey Daniel, I’m attempting to do something similar on my own site. I know Webflow pretty well but I’m somewhat new to Shopify. I checked out your website + Shopify subdomain and I’m wondering how you got your Shopify theme to look like your www’s design theme. Did you create a new Shopify theme from scratch or did you use something like Udesly to export a design from Webflow and then uploaded that to Shopify?

Thanks in advance of any help!