Shopify invoices getting 404 when integrating into Webflow front-end

I’ve migrated our site from Shopify to Webflow. By this, I mean I redirected our Shopify link to our Webflow site. During the checkout flow, when a user clicks to log in to their Shopify account, they are sent to our Webflow 404 page. How can I make this experience better and not route the user to 404?

Same goes when sending invoices. Since our website is now being redirected from Shopify, they are reaching our 404.

Here is my site Read-Only:

The settings you’re describing are almost certainly in your Shopify configuration. I’d check the shopify end and see what URLs you have setup.

If you’re trying to replace the Shopify site entirely, you will lose some features like user login. You can probably redirect that to as “sorry we don’t have this feature anymore.” page