Shopify buy button sync price and stock

Hi guys,

I’m building a new webshop in Webflow and use the Shopify buy button integration to connect it. I’ve done this for one project which works perfect but now I want to set it up for another project. The only requirement for this project is to connect the price and amount/stock so it’s synced and shown on the Webflow website. So my question is it possible to sync the price and stock from Shopify to webflow?

Thanks in advance

@martijnrunia You may be able to sync them with Zapier. Just create the necessary fields in Webflow, you’ll be able to pull in fields from Shopify whenever a product is created.

Hi @dennyhartanto thanks for your reply. I did but unfortunately it looks like Shopify is not giving the inventory amounts. Or I can not find the correct field.

Hey @martijnrunia, is this what you’re looking for? Just type Quantity on the search field.
Screen Shot 2020-05-06 at 17.54.49

Thanks @dennyhartanto for getting back. But unfortunately that is now. I want to know the new total stock of a product. Not how much products are orded.

BTW. Where do you see that “variants” I do not see those. What were your settings?

Hey @martijnrunia, Variants Inventory Quantity is the total stock of the product.
Screen Shot 2020-05-06 at 18.23.57

Awesome thanks @dennyhartanto. Last question which trigger event did you choose? Because i want my inventory to be updates when an order is paid.

That part is tricky because there is no trigger for Updated Product.

You might be able to use Paid Order to deduct quantity(?) but if the order is refund your Quantity will not sync anymore.

No there is not. I see your inventory quantity when I use the ‘new product’ but I want to update a product so the inventories are synced :frowning: . Is there a way to work around this?

Sorry, there’s none that I can think of at the moment. :frowning: Maybe someone else can chime in with an idea.