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Shopify buy button pop up scrolling to the top

Hi Guys,

I’ve created a website and embedded a Shopify button in it. The issue I am facing is that when you press the “Select size” the Shopify pop up it correctly pops up but the problem is that the page is scrolling all the way to the top and when you click away it goes back again.

Here is my website Read-only link: Click here

Go to the Order Section and then click “Select size” button. The Shopify pop-up now will appear and if you see on the back it is scrolled at the top. If you click out of the pop-up then it will take you back. It’s really annoying.

I know nothing about coding but I believe that there must be a false in the Shopify embedded code or some kind of conflict with the Webflow code itself, I have no idea.

We need to fix this because it’s confusing and disturbing for the users.

Thank you all in advance.


Hi @giallouros20,

Have you contacted Shopify about this issue?


Hi Naweed,

Um… No, I didn’t. I thought that support straight from Webflow would be more helpful than them for this kind of issue.

Thank you for your message.



I didn’t know Shopify provided a popup function for the buy button, very interesting. I recommend getting in touch with Shopify as it seems to be an issue on their part.

Let us know how it goes.


Ok, so I’ve contacted Shopify and their answer was that “the code would not be the reason for the behaviour, it would be more browser specific”.

Their suggestion was for me to reach out to a developer to sift through the rest of the code to see if there are any attributes that are contributing to why this behaviour is happening.

When I asked her to pass the issue to their Dev Team her answer was “Our dev teams are here to work on Shopify and how it functions, they do not work on front end issues and would not look at the third party code for where the Buy Button is being hosted. If this was an issue with the Buy Button code, we do have a team that would be more than happy to take a look at the issue, however that does not appear to be the issue in this case.”

So I’m depending on you guys! Please, don’t let me down :confused:


Hi, very nice site giallouros20,

I tried and honestly the fact that the site in the backround is moving, it’s not a problem for me (from a visitor perpective) also bcs when you click away, it will come exactly at the point where you left it. very good.

If I were you, I would try to find a way to show the uploaded picture in a sort of mockup, showing the final result the customer will get: any idea on how to do it?

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Hi Magicopit,

Thank you for your honest message.

I am glad that the scrolling isn’t really an issue to you. Your last comment tho was surely straight to the point!

That’s my main problem since day one, but I thought that was inevitable to be done and didn’t bother to find a solution as I really know nothing about coding.

I would love it if the customer/user sees his canvas, with his image in a preview mockup.

I would be much obliged if we could find a solution to this issue as well.

Thanks again for your review.

All the Best,

Can someone look into this further please @Brando @AnnaKelian @cyberdave.

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