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Shopify Buy Button - Dynamically Display In-Stock

Hello Everyone,

I have successfully created myself an online store using Shopify Buy Buttons and Webflow dynamic lists. However, I also want to be able to display the current stock in the dynamic list as well. I have set Shopify to track my stock, but I’m not sure how to set Webflow’s dynamic list to display the stock.

Has anyone been able to implement this feature? Can you provide a tutorial on how to set it up?



From what I understand this is not possible at the moment because there is no API for webflow so shopify has no means to communicate back. The best you can do is create an in stock and out of stock toggle.

See the response from the folks at Foxy in this thread:


Thanks for the response and help. I think the in-stock / out of stock toggle is a good solution.

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