Shopify Buy Button: Collections Filtering help

Hi everyone ! I’m quite new to webflow and trying to integrate shopify to my webflow site.
I have successfully embedded my shops collections, products are displaying all good and I am able to filter from the settings.

However, I would like to add a side bar so customers can filter collections themselves (going from all items to specific collections).

Any tips on how to set this up? (I have no coding knowledge)

Thanks a lot !

Hi @Elodie_So you might be better looking at this in another way. If you could create a cms group that included your collections and products within webflow then you would be able to allow the user to manage the filtering.

For this to happy you would need to embed products via your CMS rather than collections.

Happy to chat about this some more to hopefully help you create the desired effect.

Thanks a lot Chris. Will look into it !