Shipstation And E-commerce


So I was watching the live stream with Vlad on Tuesday and he answered one of my questions which was great! But then I had another question and he didn’t have time to get to it unfortunately so I figured I would ask it here. My question is, will the Webflow E-commerce launch have support for Shipstation? I currently do all of my fulfillment through Shipstation because I can create multiple labels at once and easily view all of my shipping statistics and export all the data I need. I read that the future of e-commerce will include “Additional tax, shipping, POS integrations” but that’s pretty vague since I know the team doesn’t exactly know what may or may not come as of right now. Any insight would be greatly appreciated!


Paging :iphone: Product Manager @kkilat - are you able to comment on this functionality, or where it sits in the overall gameplan ?

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