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Shipping Price based on Multiple Conditions

I want to have 2 shipping options.
• Pick up at store
• Homedelivery

I want the Homedelivery’s pricing to be:

  1. $9 for orders below 1kg
  2. $39 for orders above 1kg
  3. Free for orders above $80 but below 1kg

I would really appreciate som help here since i’m completely stuck! :pray:t3:

@WHYMAC What are you stuck with exactly? Wouldn’t your 'Homedelivery look like the below?

Sorry, i made a mistake in the original question.
I’ve now updated it to: “Free for orders above $80 but below 1kg”

Are you still able to solve it?

No, not with conditions on 2 different parameters. As far as I’m aware the rules can only be determined by a single parameter type i.e. weight or price.