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Shipping box cut off in mobile

Shipping Method item in my checkout is cut off when i view in mobile view… how would I get it to fit on the mobile screen when viewed on mobile?

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the problem is that you have a long link in there, so when the div is trying to dynamically size and reflow the text, the length of the link is not allowing the div to shrink to a size smaller then the length of that link


@IVG That is interesting. I tried to solve the problem :sweat_smile:, but it does make sense

I think to solve the problem is easy - not show the actual link by have a word for example “LINK” and hyperlink it to where necessary! this way space is saved and the div can shrink as necessary.
AND/OR make font sizes responsive to by using VH/VW units and that will also help to save space…

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Thank you IVG! i removed the long link and that solved it! I really appreciate it, if you have a paypalme link, put it here, i’d love to buy you a coffee or ur favorite drink for ur help.

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No worries, and thanks for the offer! but that is not necessary - I received so much help on this forum so I am more than happy to give back!

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ok, i really appreciate it! =) add me on FB if you like, looking to network with WebFlow experts: Jonathan Holeton

Don’t mistake me for an expert. I Just enjoy webflow and learning about what can be done - I think I am quite the novice compared to some real experts here on the forum :slight_smile:

I am not a web developer - I do this for personal edification and as a hobby. Maybe down the line I can use it for pecuniary purposes :-):smile: But if you need some pointers send me a message and I will try to and help

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