Shipping API & Integration assistance

Hello folks

My question is: Has anyone ever used FedEx for international shipping and Transdirect national shipping within Australia?
We are experiencing problems with fully integrating Foxy Ecommerce (very expensive) whilst trying to solve the security key issue around custom shipping endpoints. Foxy won’t help with this and naturally, we need to keep our shipping access safe. Does anyone know how we can solve this issue?

Many thanks

Hi Felicia.
Josh from Foxy here. I wanted to clarify a few things since the info you posted isn’t 100% accurate and is a bit misleading to other users.

  • Foxy has a native integration with FedEx (included with all Foxy plans), but getting Australia domestic live rates requires a custom integration.
  • We scoped this and offered to do it at an affordable price. Understandably, we’re not able to build custom integrations for free.
  • We provided general documentation and advice on how to build the integration, using our custom shipping endpoint functionality.
  • The integration can be built by anyone with dev experience (doesn’t have to be our team)

Here to help if you or anyone else has similar needs or questions.