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Shifting image with resizing mobile display

Hi all,

I’ve made my first website, and I’ve been struggling to prevent images from shifting as I change the mobile width settings. It currently looks good on Iphone X, but no other size.

Every time I attempt to change the icon settings (for the “services”), the icons end up changing in the desktop version too.

Any advice would be appreciated!

Here is my site Read-Only:

I’m sorry to tell you that there’s quite a number of issues in the way that your site is built that likely all contribute to your issues. Did you go through a bunch of the videos on before building your site? Most of what you did with grid can be done much simpler with columns. Grid really doesn’t need to be used unless you are doing complex layouts. For the services, I’d simply rebuild it with columns instead.

Thank you!
Is there a way to move the grid contents easily into columns? or should I just redo the site?


You can easily drag and drop them into the columns component once it’s built.

I definitely recommend watching a bunch of the videos on that site before continuing though. It will save you a lot of effort, trust me.