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Sharing Website After Interactions

Hey y’all! Looking for a way to let a user share my website but after they have altered parts of it using interactions. Any ideas how this can be done? Thanks!

I have a theoretical solution

  • Use display:none classes by default (like a public share link)
  • On-click, change those to display:visible
  • Those links could be “share” buttons, badges, or anything you want to be visible after an interaction

Alternatively, for SEO, you could find another solution to display:none since it’s not the hottest piece of code.


If you want to do this in webflow, you can apply an animation on-click.

  • Create your animation as a trigger to an interaction on an element. Specify the trigger as class-specific e.g. .show-this-button
  • Create an animation that lowers opacityand makes it small (also better than display:none)
  • Apply .show-this-button class to the share button.
  • Now you have a share button that shows up on-click.